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                                  1. About us

                                    Engineering Case

                                    The Company becomes qualified network supplier of Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, CNAF, CNNC, China Energy, ChemChina, China National Chemical Industry, Power China, CEEC, CWE, China Three Gorges Corporation Baowu Group, HBIS, Shougang Group, Ansteel, Shagang Group, China Minmetals Corporation, CREC, CSCEC, CCCC, CSIC, China North Industries Group, China Paper, China Coal, China Gas, Enn Group, China Resources, Hangzhou Oxygen Plant Group, China Huanqiu Constructing & Engineering, China Tianchen, Sedin Engineering, East China Engineering Science & Technology, Wuhuan, Hualu Engineering & Technoloty, Water Authorities around China, Thermal Group and other large groups.

                                    ShuangHeng Valve Group Co., Ltd

                                    ADD:No. 398, Jinbai Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China





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